When Does My Pool Lift Need To Be Available?

s350small With the new 2010 standards for pool lifts, certain changes need to be made to new and existing pools and spas when it is readily available to do so. If it is not readily achievable to install a fixed pool lift, pools can stay open if there is a business plan being created to implement the lift in the future.

Readily Achievable

Determining whether a pool lift is in your immediate future for your public pool or spa is important with compliance to the 2010 standards. A pool lift is considered readily achievable if you can install it without much difficulty or expense. Expenses do not include additional insurance costs, as this is not a viable reason to delay the installation. Being readily achievable also takes into consideration safety requirements. Safety requirements are not valid if based on speculation or unsubstantiated generalizations about safety concerns. If your pool lift is readily achievable, then you must have a pool lift available for your guests.

When the Pool Is Closed

The pool lift does not need be available when the pool is closed. If the pool is closed at night or during the winter months, you are free to remove the lift and store it. The fixed pool lift must be available for use during all open hours.

When the Pool is Open but No One Has Requested Use

The pool lift must be available always, even if no one has requested using it. Allowing pools to store the lifts and only take them out when someone requests one puts an additional burden on that individual. Having the pool lift available at all times will minimize this extra step and increase equal accessibility to all individuals.

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