The Importance of a Pool Lift Cover

lift-cover Pool lifts are required for pools with general public access in order to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act and give those with disabilities entrance into a swimming pool. These types of lifts are durable and safe, but considering a cover for your lift to further protect and ensure safety is important. A protective lift cover will guarantee the lift is shielded from the outside weather elements, ensure the longevity of your pool lift, and also provide safety measures.

Protection from the Elements
Owning a pool lift cover prevents wear and tear on the equipment when not in use. A swimming pool lift in storage without proper protection, even if it’s inside, could lead to eventual damage due to weathering because it’s exposed to the elements. If outside, rain, snow, debris, and even the damaging effects of the sun could weaken the pool lift overtime, so it’s essential to cover up a pool lift when not in use.

Many pool lift covers allow your lift to remain portable, meaning you can keep the cover secure over the lift while transporting it. Many covers are also durable with a thick material, providing maximum protection.

Safeguards against Unauthorized Use
When a pool lift is not in use, a cover will provide the necessary safety measures to keep people from damaging the lift, or worse, causing harm to themselves if used improperly. That’s why it’s a major benefit to keep a cover on a pool lift when no one is using it to discourage children from climbing on the lift or someone from improperly using it.

It’s best that someone properly demonstrate and understand how to use the pool lift before use. A cover will keep unwanted activity from potentially damaging the lift, as well.

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