Rails & Ladders

Often overlooked, rails and ladders are an essential part of any pool build. It’s easy to get lost in all of the exciting elements of your outdoor oasis, but it’s important to take some time to focus on the safety of you and your family while designing your pool. Global Pool Products is committed to developing crucial safety elements that can help prevent completely avoidable accidents.

We are a leading pool ladder manufacturer and also manufacture heavy-duty hand and grab rails. Ladders are a requirement in the deep end of any private pool where the water level exceeds five feet and they are a critical safety feature in any pool. Hand and grab rails make your pool more accessible to guests of all ages, making it easier to enter and exit.

Aside from safety, ladders, and rails add flair and personality to your backyard. Our assortment of designs give you the flexibility to choose the right style for your pool, whether you’re working on a new build or updating an old one. Updating your rails and ladders can keep your pool area looking fresh and modern while ensuring the safety of your guests.