Fixed Swimming Pool Lifts

Global Lift Corp. manufactures a wide variety of fixed swimming pool lifts that meet ADA compliance standards. Each of our swimming pool lifts are designed for a specific function. Browse our selection of swimming pool lifts to find the best model to accommodate your needs.

Commercial Series Lifts

C-375: The Commercial Series C-375 Lift can be used for pools or spas and has a lift capacity of 375 lbs.

C-450: With a maximum capacity of 450 lbs, the Commercial Series C-450 Lift is also available for pools or spas.

Proformance Series Lift

P-375: The Proformance Series P-375 Lift is suitable for most standard pool applications and has a 375 lb lift capacity.

Rotational Series Lifts

R-375: Compatible for pools and spas, the Rotational Series R-375 Lift has the ability to rotate 360 degrees to the right and the left as well as clear objects up to 10′ tall. This lift has a 375 lb capacity.

R-450A – Above Ground: The Rotational Series R-450A Lift is specifically intended for above ground swimming pools that exceed the pools’ deck height. The R-450A can rotate to the right and left 90 degrees and has a 450 lb lifting capacity.

R-450R – Reach: The Rotational Series R-450R Lift is capable of extending 35″ horizontally and 18″ vertically. It also has a 450 lb capacity and is able to rotate 90 degrees to the right and left.

Superior Series Lifts

S-350: One of our most popular lifts, the Superior Series S-350 Lift fits most standard pool applications. The S-350 has maximum capacity of 375 pounds.

SXR: The Superior Series SXR Lift is specifically intended for pools and spas needing additional reach up to 20 inches.