Landscape Slides

Global Pool Products manufactures small pool slides for inground pools that are perfect for kids. The Splash model, at a height of just over four feet, is perfect for little riders. With enclosed plumbing and LED lighting, our slides for swimming pools are an excellent addition to your backyard oasis while using up minimal deck space.

If you’re in search of a larger water slide for your inground pool, fear not, we’ve got options for that as well. Who needs a trip to the water park when you can make 360 degree turns on the Tsunami water slide? The molded handrails and enclosed water supply make all of our slides as safe as they are stylish. Our residential pool slides bring tons of fun right to your home!

A swimming pool slide can bring so much joy and excitement to your backyard pool experience! Whether you are searching for an inground pool slide, have questions about requirements for the water depth of your pool, the weight limits that our slides offer, or you need a recommendation on which slide is the best fit for your pool or pool deck, our team of experts are here to assist you.