How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Pool

Mosquitoes are a menace to many people, especially those with pools that they want to enjoy. Mosquitoes can be a problem even if you don’t have a pool because they will find another way to get into your house and bite you. Mosquito control for pools involves keeping them away from the water, keeping them out of your house, and keeping them out of other areas that will prevent you from enjoying life. This article provides ways on how to keep mosquitoes away from a poo l.

Maintain your landscape

You need to maintain the landscape around your pool to keep mosquitoes away. It would be best to cut down trees near your pool area so that there would be fewer places where mosquitoes could breed. It is also important to ensure that the grass is trimmed well so it won’t create a habitat for mosquitos. Ensure that any stagnant water sources such as puddles are cleared away regularly so mosquitoes won’t settle in them.

The advantage of this method is that you don’t need an insecticide spray which can be harmful to pets and kids, while its disadvantage is that you’ll have to stay on top of this regular maintenance for it to work – and it can be a lot of work. However, if it’s in your budget, you could hire a landscaping team to keep up on most of these tasks as well, but that can prove costly.

Kill them

Okay, that might seem a little harsh to some, but most of us won’t miss mosquitoes when they go. There are a variety of different types of mosquito-specific insecticides that can be used to decimate their population on or near your pool area. You’ll want to look very carefully at EPA guidelines for their usage around people and pets to make sure you’re following all of the safety protocols, but you have all kinds of options here including misters, pellets, liquids, foggers, tablets, and more.

Use mosquito repellent

Some people may not have the option of using insecticides or may not feel comfortable using them. In this case, your best might be to use the age-old solution of repelling the little buggers. This is one of the most common methods of keeping mosquitoes away from your pool area.

Before using mosquito repellent for your pool, ensure that you read all the instructions first and follow them carefully. When using sprays, spray them on yourself or any outdoor areas you think might attract mosquitoes. Be careful not to spray too much because certain repellents can be harmful to certain plants. Repellents are quick and easy to use, and at a small scale, they can be cheap. If you only use your pool occasionally, this can be a cost-saving compared to paying big bucks for regular insecticide applications. However, if your household uses your pool a lot, you’ll end up going through a lot of repellents and your cost savings will quickly disappear.

Cover up your swimming pool

Mosquitoes will take any opportunity to lay eggs, and while pool water is more still than mosquitoes might prefer, why give them an option? Keeping a safety cover on every time the pool’s not in use can be cumbersome, but a solar cover can also do the trick and requires a lot less work. Beyond keeping mosquitoes away, your solar cover will help keep your pool warm for the next time you use it.

Give your pool a regular once over

Your pool lasts longer with regular maintenance and when you keep up on your pool chemistry. The added bonus for your vigilance here is that these same tasks can help keep your mosquitoes at bay. Balanced pool water isn’t particularly appealing to mosquitoes. On top of that, you can also make your pool less inviting by keeping your skimmer and filter clean and running properly.

Remove stagnant water on your property

If you’ve noticed that there’s a lot of stagnant water in the backyard you might as well be sending out invitations for more mosquitoes. Look around your yard after a rain to see where water collects, and begin to fix what you can. You’d be surprised how many mosquitoes will come from buckets, wheelbarrows, tree stumps, old tires, and low spots in your yard. Taking the time to remove or repair some of these issues can greatly reduce your mosquito hot spots.

Hire an expert

If you’ve made your best effort but still feel like you cannot control mosquitoes around your pool, it may be time to call in professionals specializing in pest removal services. When you speak with companies, you may want to ask them what specific precautions they take when working near a pool, or you could also contact a local pool maintenance company to see who they recommend for mosquito control.

At the end of the day, mosquitoes are not fun to deal with, but usually can be managed by following many of the steps above. It may take a little trial and error and a bit more vigilance, but once you find a program that works your pool will be a lot easier to enjoy. Speaking of enjoying your pool, once you have your mosquito problem under control, it might be time to look at upgrading your pool accessories. Global Pool Products offers up top-of-the-line pool slides, handrails, ladders, and lifts that will make your pool easier and more fun to use! Contact a local dealer to learn more today!

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