How to Cool Pool Water in the Summer

Summer heat creates the perfect time to jump into your pool, but is the water you jump into cold and refreshing or hot and uncomfortable? In many places across the country that experience hot summers, pool water can easily reach temperatures of almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit if not properly cooled. This isn’t a very pleasant experience getting into your pool when the water is this hot. However, there are a few different ways that you can cool your pool water this summer.

Pool aerator

The most affordable and easiest way to cool pool water is by using a pool aerator. An aerator simply attaches to the side of your pool and adds oxygen to the water. This in return will help circulate your pool water and lower the overall water temperature of your pool. With the tiny droplets of oxygen being added, hot air can more easily escape, and begin evaporative cooling. For example, if your pool water was at 89 degrees Fahrenheit prior to using the aerator, you can expect the pool water temperature to drop about 4 degrees once the aerator is being used. This device works best in dry climates but can also still be effective in more humid climates as well.

Install a pool fountain

Following the same concept as an aerator, a pool fountain can also help cool pool water by increasing air exposure. In return, this increases the rate at which evaporative cooling occurs. Other than using a pool fountain or waterfall to cool your water, these can also be great features to add to your pool for aesthetics and to increase pool value. Pool fountains can range from very basic setups to more intricate ones that include color-changing lights and more.

Run the pump at night

In addition to running the aerator or water fountain, you can help cool the water even more by running the pump at night. At night, temperatures will likely fall and not be as hot as they are at the peak of the afternoon. This allows cooler air to be circulated into your pool water and releases the additional warm air that entered your pool during the day.


The most obvious choice for cooling off your pool water is to make sure your pool is covered by some kind of shade. If your backyard pool is near tall trees, this can provide a natural sunlight break for your pool water. However, this can also lead to extra leaves and debris building up in your pool which can lead to additional cleaning for you. If you don’t already have trees in your backyard, another option is to install a canopy over your pool to create shade. A more affordable option is to put patio umbrellas near the sunniest side of the pool to create a little bit of shade.

Once you’ve decided on how you will cool your pool this summer, you’ll need to figure out what other accessories you’ll need to complete your new backyard oasis. Maybe a pool side bar or a pool basketball hoop for the kids? Global Pool Products is an American manufacturer that supplies all of these great pool products and more. You can take a look at these items on their website and contact a local dealer to get your own.

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