How to Clean a Pool Filter

Cleaning your pool filter is how you keep your pool clean. If you don’t clean it, there will be dirt and other things in the pool that can make your water unpleasant and unsafe. It’s important to keep the water clean so that everyone can have a good time swimming in it!

How do pool filters work?

The pool pump pulls water from the skimmer and main drain on or near the bottom of your pool. The dirt, debris, bacteria are filtered out after which it flows through plumbing to a heater (if you have one) and salt chlorine generator if you have a saltwater swimming pool. The clean water returns to the pool through the return jets on the pool walls.

What are the three different types of pool filters?

To maintain a clean and healthy swimming pool, the filter is going to be one of the most important pieces. There are three different types of pool filters. They each have different qualities that make them better for certain purposes.

1) Cartridge or Closed-cell Foam Filter: a cartridge filter is made up of a porous material where dirt particles and debris are trapped by the air pockets in the foam. This type of filter doesn’t usually need to be replaced and it can last up to 3 years. It’s a good choice if you don’t plan on swimming very often because the dirt doesn’t get back into your pool water, but it can be wasteful with how much water it pulls out before dumping it back in.

2) Sand Filter: this type of filter uses sand to trap dirt particles and debris and then cleans them out of the pool. This system doesn’t need to be cleaned as often (2-4 weeks) because it filters larger particles more effectively. It’s important to note that this type of filter isn’t used very often anymore due to how much time it takes to maintain and how expensive it can become over time as sand gets trapped inside of the media.

3) Diatomaceous Earth Filter: this filter uses a specially formulated filtration material called DE powder (diatomaceous earth powder). Once you insert this material into your cartridge or sand filter, it works like a magnet that traps dirt in microscopic holes where water has no choice but to flow right through it. This is how this type of works so there’s less pressure on how often you have to clean it which is why it’s probably the most common type.

The best way to keep your pool filter working for as long as possible is by regularly cleaning and changing out the media when necessary. The more dirt that builds up inside of the media, the less effective your filter is so it’s important to stay on top of how often you’re having to clean it. If you end up needing help with how often or how to properly clean a pool filter, then contact us today!

How do you clean a sand pool filter?

Cleaning a sand filter is pretty straightforward, you’ll just need to backwash the filter and add some cleaner.

Step 1: Turn off your pool’s pump and set it to filter.

Step 2: Remove the strainer lid and add filter cleaner to the strainer basket, then return the lid to its starting position.

Step 3: Run the pump for 15-20 seconds to get the cleaner to the filter.

Step 4: Leave the pump off for at least 6-8 hours and then backwash the filter for a few minutes to flush out all of the dirt knocked loose by the cleaner.

Step 5: Turn everything back on and enjoy your clean water!

How do you clean a cartridge pool filter?

The following steps can help keep a cartridge pool filter working well.

Step 1: Turn off the pump and filter

Step 2: Inspect the cartridge for dirt build-up, hair, leaves and other particles that could damage it over time. Remove the cartridge and rinse as thoroughly as possible with fresh water to remove debris.

Step 3: Make sure the O-ring is in good shape, if not, you’ll need to replace it. Place a bit of lubricant on the O-ring before reassembling the filter.

Step 4: Return the cartridge to its proper position and turn your system back on.

Another point to consider if your filter is extremely dirty is buying some pool filter cleaner from a hardware or pool supply store and then follow directions according to the label instructions which usually involves how to mix, how much to use, and how often.

How do you clean a D.E. pool filter?

There are a few steps to cleaning a D.E. filter, so follow along and pay close attention to make sure you get it right.

This is the quicker, easier, and less dangerous cleaning method.

Step 1: First, you’ll need to backwash the filter for a few minutes to knock loose dirt and debris. At this point, you should turn the pump off and open the air relief valve.

Step 2: Drain the filter tank by removing the drain plug

Step 3: Open the tank, remove the manifold and grids and use your hose to rinse out the tank.

Step 4: Spray the manifold to clear the grids of all debris. If things are especially gunked up, you may need to use a specific D.E. filter cleaner. Follow the instructions on the bottle for the specific brand you purchase.

Step 5: Once everything looks clean, return everything to its starting positions and you can once again turn on your pump and start filtering your water.

Cleaning a pool filter is something you should do regularly to keep the water clean and sanitary. If you need help figuring out how often or how to properly clean your pool filter you should contact your local pool professional.

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