Everything about how and where to buy a swimming pool

Purchasing a swimming pool for the first time can seem overwhelming. It is essential to know how and where to buy swimming pools for a quality, long-lasting pool that you and your family can enjoy.

There are also different parts of the purchasing process, and you have to ensure you consider all of them carefully before you start writing checks.

1. Choosing the best pool

There are a lot of considerations when deciding what pool is the best for you. Some critical items to consider include:


This is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider before buying a pool. Ensure that you calculate its lifetime cost to determine both the short and long-term expenses. The pool’s total cost will be more than the initial buying and installation price.

You will have to pay for accessories, cleaning, maintenance, and your property taxes may increase. All these vary depending on the type and size of your pool.


After determining the cost of the pool you want, consider your budget. Is it below, over, or is it just enough for your pool? If you have a tight budget, going for an above-ground pool is the best option, while an in-ground pool is good if money is not the problem.

Above-ground pools are cheaper to buy, install, and maintain. However, in-ground pools add a lot more value to the property if you are thinking of selling it down the road.


What do you need the pool for? If you want a place where you can exercise and swim a few laps each day, an in-ground pool will fit you better. It has to be long, wide, and deep enough for you to do that. So, minimally you’d probably want a pool that’s four feet deep, 16 feet wide, and 32 feet long.

If you are a family person with kids who just want to splash around and relax in the pool, an above-ground will be perfect because they are less maintenance and less expensive.


If you live in a colder climate it would be best for you to consider installing a heated pool. While that may increase the installation and maintenance costs, it will allow you to use the pool more comfortably for longer stretches of the year. Most heated pools are in-ground pools.

2. Shopping for the pool

Now that you have some information to help you decide on the best type of pool for you, it is time to start the purchasing process.


Before you start planning pool parties, you’ll need to make sure you secure any necessary permits for installing a pool on your property. Depending on your location, some obstacles may delay or even prevent you from having a pool on your property.

Contact your city’s inspection agency and make the necessary inquiries on the permits to obtain the necessary ones. If you do not know who to consult, you may want to reach out to an acquaintance with a pool or a contractor to help point you in the right direction.

The applications for the permits may also vary depending on your location. It may be as easy as filling out the application form. However, it can also be more difficult. You may have to present a city official with your construction plans, or you may have to bring an inspector out to review your property.

Do your research on contractors

If you want the best pool installation work, you must get a highly qualified contractor to do the job. Put together a short list of contractors and choose the best from them. Consider contacting people you know who have had pools installed and/or going online and reading company reviews. Take the time to do your homework to see how credible they are before talking to them.

When you make contact you can also contact them and ask for references you can use to determine if they’re able to connect you with former customers who were happy with their work. Credible companies will provide you with contacts without hesitation. You’ll also want to make sure any company you intend to work with is insured.

You can also ask to have a preview of their contract before hiring the contractors. That will give you an idea of their professionalism and look for any contractual issues that could cause problems down the road.

Ask for price estimates

While the cheapest is not always the best, it is best to consider different contractors’ price points before you make your final decision. Consider going for a contractor that will give you a free estimate. Also, ask for the modes of payment that they accept. If they’ll take a credit card you could bank some points!

One important rule to follow is that you should not hire a contractor who wants you to pay the full amount before they start working. Ensure that the payment is split between a down payment and after the project is completed to your satisfaction.

3. Installation

Time of installation
If you are going for cheap installation services, have your pool installed during the winter. Since pools are in greater demand during the summer and spring, the prices tend to be higher than during winter. You can also have it installed in December as a Christmas present, which will not cost you a lot.

If you intend to use the pool immediately, then you’re likely going to pay a premium for a Spring or Summer installation. However, if you’re into instant gratification you’ll be able to use it as soon as the next day after installation is complete.


Many pools, both inground and above ground, are installed with a surrounding deck. If you go this route, your installer has a number of options including a concrete, wood, brick, or tile deck. You can also have concrete with different finishes for different effects.

Accessories and accessibility

When your pool and decking are installed you may also need to consider other accessories to go with your pool. You’ll want to make sure any equipment you buy is up to the quality standards you’re looking for with the rest of your pool. Global Pool Products is an American manufacturer who makes a number of high quality pool products including: pool lifts, attachable pool bars, pool ladders and rails, and pool slides,


Sometimes, depending on your state or city, you may be required to have a fence or other safety measures around or in your pool. Go through the regulations in your location to know what fixtures, signs, or fences to install.

Making the purchase

Hopefully, this guide provides you with a game plan to go about purchasing your pool. If you work through the process of choosing your pool type, performing your due diligence in the shopping process and installation, you’ll likely be happy with the end result. If you have questions or comments on this process, please let us know!

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