Warranty Procedure & Information

Warranty Information

The Commercial, Performance, and Rotational series lifts have a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the metal frame components, not including the powder coat finish. The Access, Excel, Legend and Superior series lifts have a 5 year Structural Limited warranty. Global Lift Corp warrants to the original retail end user only products manufactured by Global Lift Corp, when properly installed in accordance to the assembly and installation instructions, and when the equipment is properly used and maintained, be free from material defects and workmanship as stated below.

Commercial Lifts (Title 2 & Title 3 Properties)

Home Series Lifts

To help aid in pin pointing the component(s) needing to be repaired or replaced, please follow the link to our troubleshooting page.

 The warranty does not cover damages to ANY of our lifts due to accident, abuse, negligence, misuse, weather, fading, damage from improper use of chemicals, fire, rust beyond structural damage (does not cover cosmetic rust) exceeding the weight capacity for your model purchased, failure to install or assemble the product in accordance with the installation and assembly instructions,  normal wear and tear from day to day use, not maintained properly (see maintenance section of your lift’s owner’s manual), if your lift is altered or repaired without written approval of Global Lift Corp – All Warranties are VOID.

For more warranty information see the Global Lift Corp Warranty Information section of your owner’s manual.

Warranty Claim Procedure

To commence the warranty process of a Global Lift Corp product, please ensure you have a fully charged and tested battery. This can be done by placing the battery on your charging dock until the light indicates that it is fully charged, then testing it with a voltmeter/multi-meter (battery should hold at least 24v). Once the battery has been deemed fully charged and you are able to be in-front of your lift for troubleshooting, proceed to contact Global Lift Corp’s warranty department at 1-866-712-0606. Please locate your serial number off of your lift (the metal structure, not the electrical components) prior to contacting the warranty department.

After the lift has been troubleshot between the customer and Global Lift Corp’s warranty department and the component(s) have been identified, Global Lift Corp’s warranty representative will reference your serial number to verify warranty coverage.  If your lift is under full warranty a RMA (Request Materials Authorization) will be processed to have your replacement component(s) shipped to your location. If your lift is not under full warranty an order form will be emailed or faxed, where your information will need to be filled out and returned for your claim to be processed. If you lift is out of warranty you will be directed to contact your distributor to purchase the necessary component(s) to have your lift operational. Please note that any parts shipped to you for your lift under warranty will need to be returned within the stated time to avoid a fee for non-returned parts. All warranty parts will be shipped with a return label free of charge for your convenience.

Global Lift Corp does not supply nor cover any costs of technicians to visit your property.