Pool Lifts FAQ

Q: How do I choose the right lift for my pool?
A: Click here for to the 3 different configurations of applications

Q: Who should install the pool lift?
A: The pool maintenance person can handle the installation, in regards to the anchoring system; the detailed instructions are easily followed by a qualified contractor.

Q: What are the lifts made of?
A: Our lifts are constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and have powder coated finish.

Q: Are your pool lifts compliant with ADA and the ABA?
A: Yes, our pool lifts are ADA and ABA compliant.

Q: What are the guidelines for an ADA compliant pool or spa?
A: Regulations set by the Justice Department’s ADA regulations state that each facility that has public accommodations must be compliant by January 31, 2012. (Click here for ADA Law Tab)

Q: Who has to comply with the ADA?
A: The ruling was presented in the Federal register on September 15, 2010. All pools that have public access will need to comply by January 31, 2012, however some Private homes and Medical Facilities may not need to meet the guidelines. (More information please click to ADA Tab)

Q: Are there any Tax Breaks?
A: Tax Information

Q: Does your pool lift comply with California building code?
A: Yes, all of our models do comply with the California Building code, all of the models are equipped with a seat belt and arm rests that flip up, all standard.

Q: What type of Warranty comes with your product?
A: Warranty Information

Q: What is the maximum weight your lift can lift?
A: Our Commercial Series Lifts: The C-375 can lift up to 375 lbs, the C-450 can accommodate 450 lbs.

Q: How often should the lift be cleaned and what type of cleaning solution is recommended?
A: Please see the Maintenance page (currently under construction) to direct you to maintenance guidelines

Q: Should I cover my lift when not in use?
A: Yes, you should cover your lift when not in use. Not only to protect your investment, but will deter people that don’t need the lift to use it as it is not intended.