Finding the Best Lift for Your Pool

S350-oct2012-898x1024 When it comes to deciding which pool lift is best for your pool, there are some factors to take into consideration. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, pool lifts must be installed for accessibility in municipal pools, school pools, government-owned pools, and any others with public access. If you own a public industry or a private industry with public admittance, the ADA requires that all swimming pools, wading pools, and spas have an accessible entry and exit for people with disabilities. Some owners of private pools, such as those in a private backyard, may choose a pool lift for another means of access for those with disabilities. If you are in the market for your own pool lift, first, consider a few key factors first.

In-Ground Pools vs. Above-Ground Pools

If you are in the market to own your own pool lift, it’s important to recognize which pool lift will work best with the type of pool you own. For an in-ground pool, a portable or fixed pool lift which can extend downward into the water is likely the best option. Portable lifts can also be fixated to the ground to ensure safety. A portable lift that fixates to the ground is still compliant with ADA regulations for public pools and spas.

For those with above-ground pools, a pool lift that can extend over and into the pool will allow proper access, such as the Rotational Series Lifts. Choose the right lift for your pool based on height or extended reach.

Comfort, Safety and Capacity ROTATIONAL-R450A-1024x765

When searching for a pool lift, the main priority is safety. Invest in a pool lift with a seat belt to secure the person in place while they enter and exit the pool. Because many pool lifts are automated, it’s best to invest in lifts with security, such as emergency return systems to ensure that the person can return immediately if necessary. Pool lifts should also include a safety measure to avoid any interference of the lift while not in use, such as a lockout system.

If you’re interested in a lift that provides comfort, many lifts come with arm rests and foot rests, and, while this offers relief to the person sitting, it also poses as a safety measure.

It’s best to choose a pool lift that you feel will work best for you and others. Before choosing the right pool lift for you, consider weight capacity. If the pool lift is for individual use, a lighter duty pool lift may be the best option, while a heavier duty lift for public access pools and spas will accommodate more.

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