Rotational Pool Lift

rotational r450r pool lift


Lift Capacity 450lbs

rotational r375 pool lift


Lift Capacity 375lbs

rotational r450a pool lift


Lift Capacity 450lbs

The Global Pool Products Rotational Pool Lift series is designed to enhance rotational and reach capabilities, offering superior functionality for both residential and commercial pools. Each model in the series features significant improvements in range and flexibility:

  • R-450R: Rotates 90 degrees both ways, extends up to 35 inches over pool gutters, and clears 18-inch high obstacles, making it versatile for various pool shapes and deck configurations.
  • R-375: Known for its 360-degree rotation, this model excels in accessibility and can clear 12-inch obstacles, suitable for nearly any pool or spa.
  • R-450A: Ideal for above-ground pools, rotating 90 degrees in both directions and accommodating pools 19-48 inches above deck height.

Key Features Across the Series:

  • ADA Compliant: Ensures accessibility standards are met.
  • Durable: Stainless steel construction with a protective powder coat.
  • High Lift Capacity: Supports 375 to 450 lbs, accommodating a diverse user base.
  • Battery-Powered: Features a 24-volt system with user-friendly controls.
  • Safety: Includes armrests, footrests, and safety belts.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Comes with UPS packaging, optional sleeve anchor systems for installation, and a lifetime structural warranty.

Perfect for any setting, these lifts ensure safety, comfort, and inclusivity in enjoying water activities.