Pool Lifts


Global Pool Products offers a selection of ADA compliant lifts for pools and spas that help your business stay up to date with regulations or simply help you more easily enjoy your own home’s pool or spa. A pool lift provides assistance for people of all ages who have difficulty getting in and out of pools and spas. People with disabilities, many of whom rely upon other assistive devices like walkers and wheelchairs, often require the assistance of a pool or spa lift. Installing a lift makes it easier for people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to enjoy the benefits of any pool or spa.

If you are searching for a pool lift chair to add to a residential or commercial pool, we have you covered with our selection of both portable and stationary options. Global Pool Products supplies a variety of commercial and residential pool lift models including battery powered lifts, manual lifts, and portable pool lifts. Our ADA compliant lifts meet every standard to be considered a safe and high-quality handicap pool lift. Contact us today to get started with finding the best fit for your swimming pool.