ADA Regulations for Pool Lift Placement

Before you begin installing your pool lift, there are a few factors you should consider, one of them being placement. Public guests will be using the pool lift, so it is imperative that you install it accurately, safely and with the users in mind. Placement is especially important as you will have other people walking near the pool, on the pool deck, and other possible obstacles to consider.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires specific accessible design for pool lift placement.

Have a Clear Deck Space

Figure shown in ADA Section 1009.2 Pool Lifts

It’s important to keep the pool deck clear. There needs to be enough space for a person to transfer from a wheelchair to the pool lift, as well as comfortably move onto the lift. The 2010 ADA guidelines for recreational facilities call for a clear deck space on the side of the lift that is opposite the water.

According to the section, “The space shall be 36 inches (915 mm) wide minimum and shall extend forward 48 inches (1220 mm) minimum from a line located 12 inches (305 mm) behind the rear edge of the seat.” For visuals and a clear representation of this, read about all the requirements for a clear desk space in section 1009.2.3 of Chapter 10: Recreation Facilities.

Having a clear deck space is especially important as it prevents barriers in the way of a portable or fixed lift, as well as the person using it.

Choose a Safe Location

Purchasing and installing a pool lift is one thing, but pool owners must also take into consideration where the pool lift will operate. The ADA regulations state that at least one pool lift must be located where the water level does not exceed 48 inches, unless the entire pool exceeds this depth, then the compliance is not required.

Additionally, it is key to install the pool lift in an area that does not have any obstructions, such as benches or fixed pool equipment that could get in the way.

Semi-fixed pool lifts are portable and can be moved from one location to another, however, they become anchored when they are in use. In this case, pool owners must decide a designated area for people to safely use it. In general, it’s crucial to follow placement guidelines for all pool lifts to ensure ADA compliance is met for overall safety.

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