About Our Pool Lift Batteries

glc_24-volt_battery_2011_12-150x150 Pool lifts are important pieces of equipment that are required for all pools that allow access to the general public. They have become a way that people with disabilities can enjoy the same swimming activities with ease and convenience, just like everyone else. Not only is the type of pool lift you get important, but pool lift accessories are as well. Taking care of your pool lift will help provide safety measures and extend the longevity of your lift. Therefore, we have created a state of the art pool lift battery that will ensure your pool lift continues operating properly.

Our 24 volt battery powered system will help maintain your pool lift’s usability and safety. Pool lift batteries are important and should be charged on a regular basis. Daily charging is recommended to get the most beneficial results. A charged battery will ensure that the pool lift is fully operational, but it is also important that someone always checks the level of the pool lift battery before anyone uses it. With continual use, our 24 volt battery will last anywhere from 4-6 hours. Backup batteries are also essential, in case your current battery stops working. All of our pool lifts include a battery charging station, which makes it easy to recharge your batteries regularly.

By taking care of your pool lift and using state of the art accessories such as our 24 volt battery and covering your lift when it isn’t in use, you can make sure that your pool lift is operating properly at all times. This also ensures that you are always following ADA standards. Keeping your pool lift battery fully charged and having a backup one on hand will allow individuals with disabilities to enjoy pools and spas just like those without disabilities can.

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